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Federal Circuit Upholds One Claim Covering Combigan

Posted in 103; Federal Circuit Decisions

In Allergan, Inc. v. Sandoz, Inc., the Federal Circuit reversed the district court in part, finding that Allergan’s composition claims and most of its method claims are invalid as obvious, but upholding one method claim because it recites a non-obvious result. Some of the court’s reasoning in this opinion is troubling, and the non-obvious result may be difficult to extrapolate to other cases, but this case illustrates the value of including a variety of claims that focus on different aspects of the same invention.Continue reading this entry

Federal Circuit Finds Treximet Patents Non-Obvious And Infringed

Posted in 103; Doctrine of Equivalents; Federal Circuit Decisions

In Pozen, Inc. v. Par Pharmaceutical Inc., the Federal Circuit upheld the district court’s determination that the patents at issue were not invalid as obvious and were infringed by the subject Abbreviated New Drug Applications (ANDAs). Comparing this case to In re Droge, I cannot help but wonder how much the procedural posture impacted the Federal Circuit’s decisions. While the court reached opposite determinations as to obviousness, in each case it affirmed the decision on appeal. Continue reading this entry

Federal Circuit Draws Two Lines In Crestor ANDA Litigation

Posted in Federal Circuit Decisions; Infringement

In AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP v. Apotex Corp., the Federal Circuit held that the district court had jurisdiction over AstraZeneca’s ANDA complaint, but also held that the complaint should be dismissed for failing to state a viable claim for relief because the ANDAs included Section viii statements that carved out the methods claimed in the patents at issue. Continue reading this entry